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The business and this site was founded by

its Managing Director Dave Warrener (DaveW)

who has been involved in the Japanese

culture since 1992 and motor industry

involvment since 1982.




He is an active member on many of the

most popular  car related  forums and

enjoys a worldwide parts and

vehicle client base.








                                                           Our workshops are always filled with some

                                                           the most interesting JDM cars in the




       So whether your a purist, retro,

       street or track day hero it can

       offer something from our

       workshops, scrapyard or

       parts service.






You will enjoy amazing service, skilful restoration and craftful modifications to your car.  


Our fully equipped service/restoration centre is based in the UK  and complimented with mature and experienced staffing.  


We have supplied cars as far as to Australia, UAE and USA with regular Clients in the EU also.  


We accept cars from anywhere in the world for restoration and return them once complete.      

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